Blades Monitoring Hits To The Head

The Saskatoon Blades kick off training camp this week, but they are also kicking off a new kind of concussion monitoring.

The team has been approached by the website to test a new type of head impact monitoring.  During training camp and pre-season, three players will have a chip about the size of a quarter stuck to the outside of their helmet.

Team trainer Steve Hildebrand says the new technology will monitor the strength of each hit to the head the players take…

“Basically it measures the G-Force of each hit, whether they hit someone or they are being hit.  We have data that shows the average G-Force level for when you should be concussed from a hit.  This device will show where each hit is in relation to that average number.”

Hildebrand says the technology isn’t a medical device at all, but it will provide the team with some more information in regards to hits to the head.  If a player happens to get a concussion while wearing the device, the team should be able to realistically tell when it happened and how hard the hit was that caused it.

Hildebrand says it’s something that hasn’t really been done before…

“It’s really just a trial because it’s something that hasn’t taken place too much in the hockey world.  The Ottawa 67’s are trying a similar thing, while two minor hockey teams in Edmonton and one in Saskatoon are also trying it for the first time this year”.

The three players using it for training camp and pre-season are Connor Cox, Chris Collins and Tommy Stipancik.  Stipancik missed over half of the year last year suffering from post concussion syndrome.

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