CIBC Read to Succeed

Where did it originate

The CIBC Read to Succeed Program began in 2002 in Vancouver with the Western Hockey League’s Vancouver Giants and since has grown to include other teams such as the Moose Jaw Warriors, and the Brandon Wheat Kings. The program is aimed at grades 1 to 4 students and schools interested in participating are encouraged to contact the Blades Community Relations department.

Purpose of the Program

The program emphasizes the importance of reading, recieving a good education, and performing to the best of your abilities. 

This program teaches early and middle years students that reading can be fun. Players of the Saskatoon Blades will be promoting the message that reading is not only a critical skill; it’s a tool that can deliver exciting adventures and open up a world of opportunities for students.

Not only will this program encourage reading and the importance of receiving a good education, it provides our players with the opportunity to act as positive role models for young children.


In order to recognize students achieving their specific classroom goals – such as reading a particular book and completing an assignment, teachers will present them with complimentary tickets to an upcoming game.

As well, the players will distribute “CIBC/Blades Bookmarks” to the students. Before each visit, teachers will be contacted to determine their classroom’s specific objectives.

The premise behind this program is to reward students that work hard and show initiative. What the Saskatoon Blades like most about our proposition to area students is that it leaves no one out. If there is a student who does not have straight A’s and B’s, he/she still has the opportunity to earn a free ticket by making an admirable volunteer contribution within the community.


The Saskatoon Blades hockey club hopes that this program will include 36 classroom visits, keeping in mind that several can be scheduled the same day, in the same school. For example, on a visit to Princess Alexandria School, we may visit grades 2 and 3 (two classrooms) the same morning.

The Presentation

Each presentation should last approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the class, the ages and the length of time to sign autographs.

Each presentation should be as follows;

  1. Teacher Introduces the Program…Outlines classroom objectives
  2. Teacher Introduces the Player…Player Info as seen below
  3. Players Presentation…Players to talk about the importance of reading such as on bus trips during road trips, keeping up their education, favorite books that they’ve read in the past and any that they are currently reading, role models that the players have had growing up, how study hall works for the Blades, setting both short and long term goals.
  4. As well, the players will read from the BRADY BRADY series of books; which uses hockey to promote sportsmanship, honesty, determination and confidence, and provides insight into the fair play of sport by reinforcing what really matters in life.
  5. Questions and Answers (from the Students) – It’s a good idea for the teachers to pre-arrange questions in advance of the visit in order that we don’t have the same hockey related questions such as – how many goals have you scored, fights, girlfriends? The questions should relate to school, reading, role models, growing up, favorite books, etc.
  6. Autograph session


The Saskatoon Blades, much like CIBC, have a vested interest in the development and recognition of our youth. This program was developed in a way that lets both the Blades and CIBC have a positive influence on the youth of Saskatoon and surrounding areas. As CIBC is a company on the forefront of business in Saskatchewan, the Saskatoon Blades look forward to developing a mutually beneficial partnership with CIBC in the community.

Together we can build a better environment for learning in Saskatoon.