Education Advisor: Kim Hebert

Kim Hebert, B.Ed., MBA
Education Advisor

In her 6th season as the Education Advisor for the Saskatoon Blades, Kim continues to provide educational support to the Saskatoon Blades players in high school, as well as those involved in post-secondary courses.  From the time the players are added to the 50 Player Protected list, their education is monitored by Kim. 

Kim has both her Bachelor of Education degree and Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Saskatchewan. When she is not working on the educational needs of the players with the Saskatoon Blades she is instructing at the U of S with the Edwards School of Business in the areas of Human Resource Management, Managing Organizations: Value Through People and Organizational Behaviour.

Kim has worked in the area of educational support for a number of years as a teacher in the school system, as the coordinator for a community mentor program working with youth at-risk of leaving school and as a career and employment counsellor. She also has first-hand experience balancing extra-curricular athletics with school as an elite level swimmer with the Saskatoon Goldfins and competing in the NCAA while on scholarship in the United States.

When she is not working, Kim is a busy mom of 2 very active children, both of whom enjoy hockey in addition to numerous other activities.

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