Novice Hockey Program

The Blades Novice Hockey Program was an initiative introduced by the Saskatoon Blades for the 2009-2010 regular season. This ten (10) year program is aimed at all eight (8) novice hockey zones within the City of Saskatoon. All interested individuals, teams, and managers will be encouraged to contact the Saskatoon Blades Community Relations department for detailed information.

Purpose of the Program?

The program is an initiative designed to provide novice hockey children the opportunity to wear the logo of the Saskatoon Blades while also creating;

– the opportunity for parents and coaches to gain access to parent and coaching clinics hosted by the Saskatoon Blades

– opportunity for teams to generate funds through Saskatoon Blades financial support, authentic product and home game tickets


The Saskatoon Blades, much like Saskatoon Minor Hockey, have a vested interest in the development of Saskatoon youth. This program was developed in a way that lets both the Saskatoon Blades and Saskatoon Minor Hockey have a positive influence on the City of Saskatoon, both in sport and community.