Ticket Policies


General Ticket Information

  • Credit Card or Post-Dated cheques only for all payment plans.
  • There is a $10 administration fee for all payment plans per account.
  • There is a $10 service fee for any declined credit card transactions.
  • Season Tickets can and will be cancelled or revoked if the Management of the Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club has justification.
  • There will be the option to have your tickets mailed to you if you buy your tickets before July 31st. The tickets will be mailed via Xpress Post at an additional cost of $15.00 (price subject to change based on Canada post rates). The Blades will not be responsible for lost tickets.
  • It is the season ticket holder’s responsibility to keep their account up to date.
  • Tickets need to be purchased by Aug 31st in order to get a printed ticket book. All orders after this point will result in Ticketmaster tickets. 
  • In specific circumstances, the Saskatoon Blades have the ability to shift season tickets in the same row to allow them the opportunity to create extra seats available to be sold

i.e. if season ticket holders have seats 1 & 2 and another set of season ticket holders have 4 & 5 and seat 6 is open, the Blades have the right to shift the season ticket holders from seat number 5 to seat 3 to allow for a pair of season tickets to be open to sell.

Changes to Account Information

Any changes to address, telephone numbers, email or fax numbers is the responsibility of the Season Seat holder. Changes must be submitted to the Saskatoon Blades office. Please send any account changes to:

Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club
Credit Union Centre
#201- 3515 Thatcher Ave.
Saskatoon, Sk
S7R 1C4
Phone: (306) 975-8844
Fax: (306) 934-1097

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Will Call

If you order additional walk-up or group game tickets over the phone or through the internet, they may be picked up anytime at the Credit Union Centre Box Office which is located in the main lobby of Credit Union Centre. Tickets will be available for pick up at the Call Window as early as 90 minutes before game time, each and every game. Your confirmation number and the credit card used to purchase the seat(s) are necessary to pick up any ticket order.

Lost or Stolen Tickets

If your tickets are lost or stolen, they can be replaced after the Season Seat Holder contacts the Blades office. Your old tickets will be deactivated and new tickets will be issued. Only the new tickets with a new bar code will be permitted to enter Credit Union Centre. There will be a $10 fee per seat to reprint any season seat. For more information, contact the Blades office at (306) 975-8844. Please allow 3 business days for tickets to be printed.

Season Seat Changes

Season Seat Holders are able to change or upgrade their seat(s) before the season, there will be a three day period at the start of August where season seat holders can change their seating location, subject to availability.

Wheelchair Seating

The Saskatoon Blades and Credit Union Centre are sensitive to the needs of guests with physical disabilities. Wheelchair seating is available for Season Seat Holders in Sections B, F, G & H. Due to the configuration of Credit Union Centre, space is limited in these sections with overflow available in Sections Y & Z. All fans in these sections will pay the Wheelchair price while any attendants will pay the Student/Senior rate. Due to the limited Wheelchair Seating, attendants may be seated slightly away from the wheelchair seating.

Special Needs Policy

The Saskatoon Blades are receptive to individuals with Special Needs and thus allow individuals to purchase Season Seats anywhere within Credit Union Centre (except Wheelchair sections) at the Special Needs rate.

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Game Times

This season all Saskatoon Blades home games start at 7:00pm on weekdays and Saturday night games. Doors open one hour prior to game time. Game times are subject to change throughout the season due to weather or other factors. Any changes to game time will be announced throughout the media as well as on the Blades and WHL websites.


Saskatoon Blades merchandise is available for purchase during all Blades home games in the Team Store, which is located on the concourse level at Credit Union Centre. You may also purchase merchandise Monday to Friday, 9AM to 12PM & 1PM to 5PM at the Blades office.

Season Seat Exchange/Upgrade Program

This year the Saskatoon Blades will continue to provide Season Seat holders with the opportunity to exchange their Season Seats for future games that they know they will not be able to attend. This allows Season Seat holders the ability to get full value for their Season Seats. If you know of a game that you will not be able to attend due to prior commitments, simply come into the Blades administration office anytime between 9AM to 12PM and 1PM to 5PM to exchange the seats for future games. The Blades administration office is located on the 2nd floor of Credit Union Centre. This needs to be done 24 hours in advance of the game being missed. If the game is on Sunday, the exchange needs to be completed by the end of the previous Friday. The first 5 transactions will be free. After the 5th transaction, there will be a $5 fee per transaction.

The Saskatoon Blades are offering Season Seat holders the opportunity to upgrade their child season seat(s) to an adult or student/senior seat(s) for individual games. This opportunity is available at the door and can be upgraded at anytime. To upgrade a child ticket to an Adult ticket will cost $10 and to a Senior will cost $7 (service charges and taxes not included). You can also upgrade a Senior seat to an Adult seat for a cost of $4 (service charges and taxes not included).

Raincheck Policy

Season Ticket Holders can redeem unused season seats for two designated Raincheck Nights during the season.  


Every ticket exchanged has a cost of $2, with all proceeds going towards the Blades Education Scholarship Fund.  To redeem your unused season seats, simply bring your tickets to the Credit Union Centre Box Office where they can be exchanged for a Raincheck Night seat. 


Once a Raincheck Night has passed, only the season tickets from that game to the next Raincheck game are eligible to be exchanged for tickets.  Any ununsed tickets from before the previous Raincheck Night are void. 


Tickets can only be exchanged for a seat of the same value as the season seat.


Ticket Donation Program

If Season Ticket Holders have unused tickets within the Raincheck Period, they also have the option of donating those tickets to local community groups or schools who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend a Blades game. 


Season Ticket Holders who commit to making a difference for local kids by choosing to donate tickets will be recognized on a page on the Blades website


To donate your tickets to a community group or school please call Phil at 975-8844, ext 24.